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Denim Care Tips from Bristol LA

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in a culture with a heavy reliance on disposable fast fashion, bristol cut & sew, a new menswear line, is changing the way we approach and think about our clothing. with a focus on denim, the guys at bristol see their jeans as wearable art - not only are they an expression of the designers who created them, but they are a form of self expression of the wearer too. they tell a unique story as they morph and grow with you - much like a wearable diary. with this, great denim should be treated with care. we sat down with bristol a few sundays ago over coffee at superba food & bread to get schooled on how to properly treat our favorite jeans. 

1) as hard or uncomfortable it might be to break in a fresh pair of jeans, wear them as frequently as possible. it's kind of like that saying, "you gotta walk through fire and water." it's a real commitment.

2) by the same token, when you take them off, treat them with care. so instead of folding them or wrinkling them and throwing them in the corner of your room, let them lay or hang flat to breath. this will improve the shelf life of your jeans.

3) avoid washing your jeans. instead, spot clean them with a damp rag. to kill bacteria and make them smell fresh again, let them sit in your freezer for a day or two.

4) when it's finally time to wash your jeans, follow the ocean recipe - run into the ocean and rub sand all over your jeans. this will do great things for the look and feel of your jeans. or, if you're not by the beach, always wash in cold water on a gentle cycle and hang dry. accept the shrinkage that may follow. 

5) when it's time to retire your jeans, cut them up to create something wholly new out of them - cloths, handkerchiefs, pocket squares, bandanas, coasters, etc. from here, your jeans will tell a new story.

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The Blush: Chelsea Neman Nassib

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we all know that navigating the art world can be tricky, expensive and feel a little too exclusive. enter chelsea of the tappan collective. her great eye has brought emerging artists like gia coppola and emily knecht together to form a shopable online gallery that makes collecting artwork and limited-edition prints to adorn our bare walls both approachable and affordable. a huge source of inspiration to us, chelsea is beautiful and stylish, with glowing olive skin and a radiant spirit that makes us crave her secrets for looking so gorgeous all while helping us become mini-art collectors all at the same time. we reached out to chelsea to find out what products she's loving, what she's listening to while getting ready and what makes her blush.

name: chelsea neman nassib

where do you live?
Los Angeles, California

walk us through your beauty routine for day & night. 
i wake up and wash my face with nothing but water. if I have residue from the night before, i wipe it clean with bioderma, an incredibly gentle wash. then I moisturize. if i am wearing make up, it's all vip cosmetics, a powder to lighten my eyes a bronzer to even out a glow and mascara, well night, it's the exact same thing in reverse. 

what music do you like listening to while getting ready for a night out?
if i'm getting ready with a glass of wine, we listen to a hotel costes mix, light international music. if i'm getting ready with a glass of tequila we listen to something like 90's hiphop or drake.

do you have a signature look or are you more experimental?
these days my closet is more paired down. i would say experimental in cuts, but only a handful of colors. 

how does your beauty routine translate to your sense of style?
less is more. invest in quality. 

what are your favorite natural beauty products or brands?
vip cosmetics is the only make up brand I use - it's the best.

what is the best beauty advice that you have ever received?
"don't go platinum blonde."

where do you get your beauty and lifestyle inspiration?
penelope cruze and pinterest.

what is the craziest beauty trend you have tried? any regrets?
i've always been too weary of trends. i've never even had a facial.

what do you find beautiful in others?
when a person is fully themselves, whatever that looks like.

what you feed your body is just as important as what you feed your skin. what do you eat to make you glow?
avocados and olive oil - lots of it.

what makes you blush?
this one guy named elliott. 

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Chia Fresca

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chia fresca offers the perfect mid day energy boost. full of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, iron, zinc; chia seeds just give give give without ever asking for anything in return! we've started drinking chia fresca between breakfast and lunch and have noticed that we are less likely to reach for a mid day coffee. we feel hydrated and our skin is glowy - it's basically the perfect thing to hold you over for hours.

squeeze 1 grapefruit, lemon, or lime in a glass jar. add 1 tbs chia seeds and fill the rest of the jar with filtered water. top the jar with a lid and shake well. let sit in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours so that the chia seeds can become gelatinous and expand. drink up, hydrate and enjoy!

Green Gem: Aloe Vera Gel

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we all have childhood memories of getting totally sunburnt and then covering our bodies with neon green colored aloe vera goo. cooling and moisturizing, our families have relied on it forever for instant pain relief on burns, minor cuts and rashes. in the summer months, we find ourself always coming back to this completely indispensable cure-all and have been playing around with it's many uses. we think that aloe vera gel, straight from the aloe leaf, is everything. a new staple at home, we're using aloe vera in our beauty routine daily. 

eye-makeup remover
cut open the tip of an aloe leaf and use a few drops of pure aloe gel on a cotton bud to swipe away the day's eye-makeup.

shaving cream
aloe vera works perfectly as a shaving cream as it's slippery and moisturizing. the antibacterial powers are great for minor nicks too.

face wash
1 tbs aloe vera gel with 1 tsp almond milk & 1 tsp lemon juice can be mixed together for a face wash gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. 

eyebrow gel
sweep an aloe vera soaked mascara wand across your brows to keep your stray hairs in place. we love anything that makes our brow game stronger.

hand sanitizer 
1/2 cup aloe vera gel + 1/4 cup alcohol + 20 drops of lavender will fight germs and moisturize skin.

blemish healer
aloe vera gel does wonders as a spot treatment on spots. it contains natural antiseptics which act to kill bacteria on the skin.

scalp food
speed up hair growth and treat dandruff by massaging aloe vera gel into scalp, leaving on for 30 minutes before rinsing clean.


please be aware of any allergies before using

What you Need is a Bandana Scarf

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a little western rodeo, a little parisian chic, these bandana scarves by chan luu are a fool proof accessory to replace your statement necklaces all summer long. they make any off-duty outfit a bit more polished all while elongating and accentuating your neck. versatile for both day and night, we can't stop obsessing over these because they are a slightly more modern take on a vintage classic. plus, how awesome is it when an it-accessory is affordable?

knotting a bandana scarf is easy - first lay the scarf flat and then bring the bottom point to join the top point, making a triangle. fold the top point down to the center and then fold over yet again. tie a loose knot on one side of the scarf leaving a few inches showing. after wrapping the scarf around your neck, thread the opposite end through the knot and tighten. the trick is to tie your banana scarf in a flash - do not fuss over it too much. keep it simple. keep it natural.

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image via chan luu

The Best 6 Natural Deodorants

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many commercial antiperspirants use chemicals like aluminum to block your pores to keep you from sweating. this. is. so. unnatural.

going natural with your deodorant should be a priority for anyone who's looking to transition to a more chemical free personal care routine. today we've rounded up six natural deodorants that will make it so easy to ditch those weirdo-ingredient brands without running the risk of becoming a social outcast.

fig and yarrow underarm lotion - $22
botanicals and minerals work together to conceal oder and prevent excess moisture all while moisturizing underarm skin with a gender neutral scent. excellent for those with sensitive pits.

soapwalla deodorant cream - $14
the creme de la creme of natural deodorant. clays and essential oils like lavender and tea tree keep you dry all day while fighting the bacteria that causes oder. we love love soapwalla deodorant because of it's frosting like consistency and divine scent! 

weleda wild rose deodorant - $11
naturally neutralizes oder without disrupting the body's detoxification system. refreshes and tones skin to make you feel so fresh and so clean all day long. a little warning: contains alcohol, which can sting a bit if you have just shaved.

eo organic deodorant spray in lavender - $7
if we had a dollar for every friend we have turned this brand onto...seriously, you can't beat the price and the lavender scent is so calming. it truly lasts all day.

aesop deodorant - $35
this is the boyfriend jeans of natural deodorant - the herby scent makes it perfect for both men and women. skin feels deodorized and fresh. although pricy, you'll find that one bottle will get you through the summer.

meow meow tweet tweet baking soda free deodorant cream - $14
we saved the best for last. this one is free of skin irritating baking soda which is perfect for those with sensitive skin (no rashy bumps). citrusy scented essential oils keep you smelling like grapefruit and feeling clean even through the entirety of a soul cycle class and post workout brunch. the only downside is that your boyfriend will want to use it too, so make sure to stock up!

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